About Me

Here are some facts:

  • I was born in September 1989
  • I love yarn, folk music, and 80s horror films
  • I’m a cat person. But dogs are pretty good too, let’s be fair. OKAY OKAY I’m an equal opportunity pet lover. But I’m really a cat person.
  • I write everything from screenplays to poetry, short fiction and novels in many genres, and though currently unpublished I am in the first stages of self-publishing my first collection of short stories. Some genres I’ve worked in include Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi, Romance/Erotica, Young Adult Fantasy, and Surrealist fiction.
  • I draw with pastel and sometimes I do mixed media pieces. The ceramic sculptures featured on my blog are by JNUN, an incredible artist I’ve known for over a decade and I oftentimes go to for visual inspiration and collaboration for my stories.