Little things.

She’s afraid to get on the plane to Baltimore. What she’s doing is illegal, and she knows it.

M.A. hasn’t given her all the details, but, she knows she’s visiting a doctor and picking up prescriptions for percocet that she’ll take back to Pittsburgh. She’ll give the scripts to M.A. who will then hand them off to a man whose name she doesn’t know. She gets paid 800 dollars for every trip she makes, and she makes them three times a week.

This time, she’s afraid to get on the plane.

Her friends and family think she’s a secretary for a law firm, because that’s what she’s told them. But, really, she works for one of the most well paid distributors in the country. Her 2400 dollars a week is nothing in comparison to what M.A. makes, and his 40,000 a month pales in comparison to what the man Kate will never meet makes monthly. The figures are in the hundred thousands.

Kate does this because she needs the money. Because she never had the money. Because at one time, she was a prostitute, and got out of the illegal stuff all together–tried to make money in a legitimate way, and never could seem to come out on top. She worked so hard. Depression swallowed her up, she lost her job. She tried again. Again. Once more. Nothing. Always debt. Then she found out that M.A made 40,000 a month, and that she could work for him. She could start making 1800 a week. She could get her savings together, get out of debt, plan for her future.

Kate was 21 when she started her job, she made 1800 a week. Now, she is 23, and makes 2400 a week, and she is still waiting on Patrick to fly from Manchester to see her. After three years, she still waits for him. ¬†She saves enough to visit him twice a year. He promised they’d move to Texas and get married. He promised to take a job with a prestigious liberal journal in Austin where he’d do all the web content. He is 29. He graduated from Salford University with a degree in journalism. He listens to punk rock music and writes (unpaid) reviews for a horror blog and gets drunk every night. She loves him, and he swears to love her. They fight when they’re not with each other. sometimes, she doesn’t hear from him for months. He makes his money by distributing heroin to students in Manchester. Neither of them know that the other has their hands in something that could get them sent to prison for life.

Patrick does it because he knows that eventually Kate will leave him. Find out that as a secretary at a law firm, she will be too good for him, and he’ll have nothing to show for his life. Kate does it because she never had the money, and because she’s saving for her wedding that she doesn’t know won’t happen. They will never move to Austin. They will never have a Star Wars themed wedding. They will never have children whose heads are slightly too large and whose eyes shine like their mother’s. This will never happen, because when Kate makes this flight to Baltimore, she will be arrested. She will die in a car accident on the way to the police station. This will never happen because Patrick will try heroin for the first time tonight, and he will overdose, causing him to go into a coma and have severe brain damage for the rest of his life. These things will happen because the world told them no. No no no no no.